These are some of our kittens
that have been adopted by loving homes


Cream Persian Male

I have moved in with a nice family in Ryde





Blue Point Male Himalayan

I am living with Margo in Bathurst, NSW





Exotic Red Points
(LH) and Male (RH)

We have moved to lovely new homes





Blue Exotic Male

I have moved to Chipping Norton




Black Exotic Male

I am getting spoiled by my new family in Cooks Hill, NSW





2 Red Point Himalayan Males

We are living the 'Life of Riley' with our new families in Auburn and Edgeworth





 Blue Exotic Male

I have moved to Melbourne, and getting thoroughly spoiled.



Blue Persian Female

I have moved to Ultimo - Sydney





Seal Point Himalayan

I have settled in very nicely with my new family, thank you.



Seal Point Himalayan Male

I am now living in the Blue Mountains with a loving Family



Female Himalayan Blue/Cream Tortie Point



Red Persian



Cream Persian



Male Himalayan Exotic Red Point



Himalayan Exotic Seal Points


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"Time spent with cats is never wasted."
-- Colette --